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Monday: Composer of the Week - GIOVANNI GABRIELI (1555-1612)

A programme to mark the 400th anniversary of the composer’s death, presented by Indra Hughes (RNZ)

Wednesday: Beethoven Quartets

In three programmes Peter Walls explores the character of Beethoven’s great cycle of String Quartets, being performed and broadcast by the NZSQ this year

(1) Mozart’s spirit, Haydn’s hands (RNZ)

Thursday: The Voice Box

Clarissa Dunn explores the capabilities of the human voice as instrument

Two programmes

(1) We follow the voice box from baby cries to flamenco cante, look at the extremes of pitch, the mysteries of vibrato and the expression of emotion through the human voice (RNZ)

Friday: Glenn Gould

2012 is both the 80th anniversary of pianist Glenn Gould’s birth and the 30th anniversary of his death. Michael Stewart and Roger Smith explore favourite and revealing recordings of Gould, both as a musician, and a radio producer (RNZ)