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Monday: Composer of the Week - Carla Bley (b. 1936)

Norman Meehan presents six programmes on the life so far and music of CARLA BLEY (b1936)

Wednesday: Colin Horsley OBE (1920-2012)

The Wanganui born pianist had a remarkable career in the UK including performing at almost every Proms between 1940 and 1964. He retired to the Isle of Man and from there talked with Peter Mechen in 2007 (RNZ)

Thursday: Tchaikovsky and Brahms

The rivalry between these composers was legendary, and it went beyond mere distaste for one another's musical direction. Thomas Goss explores the uneasy friendship and resulting musical ferment in the lives of the two giants (RNZ)

Friday: The Critic’s Chair (RNZ)

Robert Johnson reviews recent releases (RNZ)