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Monday: Composer of the Week: JOHN CAGE (1912-1992)

A programme marking the 100th anniversary of the composer’s birth, presented by Elizabeth Kerr (RNZ)

Wednesday: Philosophy Talk

Philosophy Talk is radio that celebrates the value of the examined life. Our two philosopher-hosts invite listeners to join them in conversations about a wide variety of issues, ranging from popular culture to our most deeply held beliefs about science, morality, and the human condition

Philosophy Talk is presented by Ken Taylor and John Perry of Stanford University

Six programmes

(6) Ageing and the well-lived life

Ageing is a physical process that will always be with us. But conceptions of ageing, views about the contributions older people can make to society, and what society owes them, change from era to era and differ from culture to culture. In conjunction with the Stanford Humanities Center, John and Ken explore the issues involved in growing older with their guest, Stanford University psychologist Laura Carstensen and a live studio audience at the Hyatt Residence in Palo Alto

(Philosophy Talk: Ben Manilla Productions)

Thursday: Taryn Fiebig

Helpmann Award-winning soprano Taryn Fiebig sings the role of circus-star Esmeralda in NZ Opera’s production of Smetana’s The Bartered Bride. She talks with Christine Argyle.

Friday: The Critic’s Chair (RNZ)

Dianne James reviews recent releases (RNZ)