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Monday: Composer of the Week: The Concert Hall Organ

A programme celebrating Organ Week, in which we feature the Concert Hall Organ, presented by Martin Setchell (RNZ)

Wednesday: Philosophy Talk

Philosophy Talk is radio that celebrates the value of the examined life. Our two philosopher-hosts invite listeners to join them in conversations about a wide variety of issues, ranging from popular culture to our most deeply held beliefs about science, morality, and the human condition

Philosophy Talk is presented by Ken Taylor and John Perry of Stanford University

Six programmes

(5) Civil Disobedience

Thoreau, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King all engaged in civil disobedience, and are widely admired for doing so. But how can democratic society function if each person's conscience has to be satisfied for a law to be obeyed? When is civil disobedience justified? When is it required? How does the concept fit with the great ethical and political philosophies? John and Ken discuss the ethics of protest and punishment with Kimberley Brownlee from the University of Manchester.

Thursday: Olivier Latry

“... brilliant, rapturously received recital … culminated with enough razzle-dazzle to bring the audience - consisting of many admiring organists as well as organ aficionados - to its feet … consummate artistry … a superb colorist.” (The Los Angeles Times)

The star French organist talks with Kerry Stevens (RNZ)

Friday: The Critic’s Chair (RNZ)

John Wells reviews recent releases for Organ Week (RNZ)