1 Jan 1955

Helen Wilson: the status of women

From the collecton Women, The Vote and Equality

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This programme features a talk by 'My First 80 Years' author Helen Wilson, who was also an early leader of the Women's Division of Federated Farmers. Wilson talks about the circumstances surrounding women getting the vote, and the aspersions cast by those who belittled the idea of women being allowed to vote. Wilson goes on to give a brief history of the social expectations of women and describes women as having an unjust history of being "chattels of men". Wilson goes on to talk about the Married Women's Property Act, and the Women's Rights Committee. She quotes Sir James Allen's comment from parliament, opposing female occupation of parliamentary seats. In conclusion Wilson gives her vision for the future of women in New Zealand. Exact recording date unknown - early 1950s. Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision ID32941.

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