18 Mar 2018

Live: Violons Barbares at Womad 2018

From the collecton Womad
Violons Barbares - photo by Cole Eastham-Farrelly

Violons Barbares - photo by Cole Eastham-Farrelly Photo: RNZ - photo by Cole Eastham-Farrelly

Womad is a festival that always includes artists who, despite being unknown, attract legions of new fans.

Given the popularity of Mongolian throat-singing in Aotearoa, the charismatic and colourful trio Violons Barbares definitely rated as one of the discoveries of the 2018 Womad weekend.

Violons Barbares

Violons Barbares Photo: Supplied

Consisting of three musicians from France, Mongolia and Bulgaria, Violons Barbares played two highly entertaining shows that were an irresistible fusion of energetic rhythms and wonderful harmonies, as well as being a visual spectacle.

Their line-up included three virtuosi of their respective instruments: the Mongolian two-stringed horse-head violin called the Morin Khur; the Bulgarian Gadulka, a three-stringed bowed instrument that also has up to 16 resonating strings; plus a brilliant drummer & percussionist.
After enjoying original compositions informed by the three different cultures, the audience went away enriched by a sound they had never encountered before! 
Violons Barbares really put on a highly entertaining show.


Titles: 'Saturday Yurt Fever', 'Krulshovitsa', 'Wind n the Steppe', 'Barbar Rock', 'La Danse A Helene', 'Ev Ej', 'Egyptian Dance', 'Gypsy Wedding', 'Baylah Olgyi', 'Wolfs Cry', 'Spring Punk', 'Balkan Twist'. Photo: Supplied

Produced and engineered by William Saunders for RNZ Music