17 Mar 2018

Live: Le Vent Du Nord at WOMAD 2018

From the collecton Womad
Le Vent Du Nord

Le Vent Du Nord Photo: Thomas Rehbein

Le Vent Du Nord -The North Wind is a Canadian group who formed in Quebec in 2002.

The five piece band have one foot firmly planted in traditional Celtic music with songs about politics, French-Canadian history and traditional tunes as well as an impressive catalogue of original material. They play an eclectic array of instruments including Irish bouzouki, hurdy gurdy, accordions, fiddle and jaw harp, accompanied by their impressive vocal harmonies.

Equally impressive is the number of Canadian Folk Music Awards the band has received over the years that by far out-numbers their back catalogue of nine studio albums.

Le Vent Du Nord

Le Vent Du Nord Photo: Supplied

But, it’s their live performances that resonate! After 14 years and more than 1,400 shows Le Vent Du Nord have acquired a reputation for putting on a great show!

Celtic flavours have always been well received in New Zealand and that’s what a large inquisitive audience were anticipating at the band’s first appearance on the TSB Bowl Stage on Saturday 17th March 2018.

Le Vent Du Nord on the Gables Stage

Le Vent Du Nord on the Gables Stage Photo: Supplied

Recorded and produced by Darryl Stack for RNZ Music

Titles: 'Noce Tragique', 'Cardeuse-riopel', 'Confederation', 'La Marche des Iroquois', 'Papineau',  'Petit Reve IX', 'Pauvre Enfant', 'Laniaire', 'L'echafaud', 'Forillon', 'Rosette', 'Cre Mardi', 'Amant Volage', 'Au Bord De La Fontaine'


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