16 Mar 2018

Live: Bixiga 70 at WOMAD 2018

From the collecton Womad

Bixiga 70 is a 10-piece band hailing from Sao Paolo, Brazil.

The band named themselves after São Paulo’s neighbourhood called Bixiga - a multicultural melting pot of music, cuisine and culture.

Bixiga 70 at Womad NZ

Bixiga 70 at Womad NZ Photo: Supplied

Primarily an instrumental band Bixiga 70’s line up of musicians come from diverse musical backgrounds which results in a fusion of Latin and Brazilian influences, mixing, funky bass-lines, a tight horn section and plenty of percussive rhythms that make a welcome addition to any party...

…. and the audience on the opening night of WOMAD 2018 were definitely ready and waiting to party!

Titles: 'Prime & Ramante', '100% 13', 'Cansira', 'Di Danler', 'ESP perc', 'Mil Vidas', 'Kalimba', 'Morte', 'Blaboa', 'Portal'

Recorded and produced by Darryl Stack for RNZ Music

Bixiga 70

Bixiga 70 Photo: Supplied


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