Te Tiriti o Waitangi

1962 NZ Māori Council Formed

The New Zealand Māori Council emerged in 1962 from a system of district tribal committees and gained increasing authority. Although it provided a voice at a national level, it would come to be seen by many Māori as being too closely aligned with government.

1967 Protest Over Māori Affairs Amendment Act

A 1967 Amendment to the 1953 Māori Affairs Act introduced compulsory conversion of ‘Māori freehold’ land with four or fewer owners into ‘general land,’ and increased the powers of the Māori Trustee to compulsorily acquire and sell ‘uneconomic interests’ in Māori land. The Amendment Act intensified growing Māori concerns that the law would result in further alienation of what land remained in Māori ownership. There were also protests by organisations such as the New Zealand Māori Council and the Māori Graduates Association, street demonstrations, and angry meetings throughout the country.

Treaty of Waitangi

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