New Zealand Cinema and Soundtracks

A selection of explorations of the sonic world of New Zealand films.

About Sonic World of Cinema

Let’s face it, the shower scene in Psycho just wouldn’t be as scary without those screechy stabbing strings, Amelie wouldn’t be as loveable without her quirky accordion soundtrack following her around the streets of Montmartre and the Imperial Stormtroopers from Star Wars just wouldn’t be as cool without their foreboding brass-heavy march. Frodo without Howard Shore’s Shire theme? Spaghetti westerns without Morricone?  – unthinkable!

A well-crafted soundtrack can transport us into whatever world the film-makers have conjured up. And long after we’ve left the cinema the music has the ability to take us right back there.

Sample the best of recent film soundtracks, re-frame movie scores from the past that have refused to deteriorate with time, discover obscure film music (whether 1960s Czech fantasy, Japanese horror, or B-grade sci-fi).

The occasional video game soundtrack and noteworthy music from television shows are also in the mix.

Keep an eye on our unique and growing New Zealand film soundtracks collection and hear interviews with creators and composers from here and around the world.

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