Wild Venison

11:26 pm on 31 August 2009

Loin aged in extra virgin olive oil, & rubbed rosemary and garlic, char-grilled & served with a wild blackberry and Vairhona chocolate, venison glaze.


  • venison loin 1-2 or as required
  • extra virgin olive oil 100 ml 
  • garlic cloves 3-4 peeled & sliced fine
  • fresh rosemary 3 tablespoons removed from stalk


  • onion 1/2 brunoise (diced fine)
  • garlic 2 cloves sliced fine
  • red wine 150 ml
  • vairhona chocolate 30 gm (bitter sweet chocolate)
  • fresh black berries 200 gm (wild)
  • venison glace de viande 500 ml (reduced venison stock)
  • diluted corn starch as required (corn flour & water) optional


1. Clean & trim loin- remove all sinew and silver skin from the flesh
2. Slice the loin into the required size - I like about 8 mm - not to thick works best
3. Rub the meat well with the olive oil- garlic- rosemary mixture - place in a clean bowl cover and rest for 6-8 hours.
4. When char grilling oil is not required as it is in the rub.
5. Quickly seal on both sides and remove from grill - rest well prior to serving

1. Sweat onion and garlic in a pan without colour.
2. Add the red wine and blackberries and simmer until berries have broken down well.
3. Add venison glaze and bring to the boil- turn down to a simmer.
4. Add chocolate in small pieces and continue to simmer until it has all dissolved into the sauce.
5. Season well - sauce consistency may be adjusted with a little diluted corn starch. 

From Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan

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