Tomato Fritters

7:00 am on 11 January 1919

Tomato FrittersTo make tomato fritters, take three or four firm tomatoes, pop them into boiling water for a second, and then remove the skin. Cut the tomatoes in thick slices, dip them in vinegar, and allow to drain. Next season the sliced tomatoes with pepper and salt, and dip in grated cheese. Make a batter, and dip the prepared tomatoes in it. Drop into smoking hot fat, fry a golden colour, and after they have been drained serve the fritters hot, piled on a hot plate on which a paper d'oyley has been placed.

Source: Papers Past from The Kitchen: Observer, Volume XXXIX, Issue 19, 11 January 1919, Page 21

From Farthest Flung, Holding Tight

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