Wild Duck and Diced Roasted Pumpkin and Kumura Salad

10:03 pm on 27 April 2009

Recipe featured in Cooking Times by Kate Fraser (HarperCollins Publishers).


  • cooked duck
  • crispy bacon pieces
  • head of witloof
  • vinaigrette
  • 3 parts olive oil
  • 1 part cider vinegar
  • teaspoon ready-made mustard
  • salt and pepper


Cool the cooked duck to room temperature then toss with some crispy bacon pieces.

Separate a head of witloof - the bitter taste is good with the sweet root vegetables, mix all together.

Add the Vinaigrette and shake well.

Wines to Match as suggested by John Hawkesby


Gladstone Vineyard 2008

Blanc de Noir

Richmond Plains 2008

From Nine To Noon

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