Tomato over embers

3:10 pm on 22 February 2019

Tomato over embers

Tomato over embers by Ed Verner

Tomato over embers by Ed Verner Photo: Supplied/Pasture

by Ed Verner of Pasture Restaurant

This is just an example of a simple dish we serve at Pasture, but one which has a huge amount flavour and complexity. At the restaurant we hang these tomatoes above the fire to give them gentle heat for about half a day - depending on the size of tomatoes. Its a good example of how to use indirect heat from a fire.

If you don't have a fire place a Webber or similar bbq will work. You just need the means to be able to hang something over it.


1. First peel the tomatoes

2. Find an area above the fire that feels warm to the touch but not so warm that you can't hold your hand there. This is where you want your tomatoes to hang.

3. Once they're hanging correctly, place some smoking logs underneath and begin giving them some smoke. Always making sure the heat is consistently warm.

4. Ideally you might have some homamade vinegars and syrup infusions. Use these to glaze the tomato as it transforms.

5. After about 10 hours these should be looking soft and chewy.

At Pasture we wrap them with nasturtium leaves and serve them in a sauce of fermented plum. Or if I was at home I'd just serve them with a really good piece of meat or grilled seasonal vegetables.

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