Summer Pudding

10:39 pm on 18 February 2006

(Serves 6)


  • 1 loaf thinly sliced, day-old white bread
  • 1 Kg (total) of berries, mostly raspberries, loganberries, blackberries and red currants
  • ½ C sugar
  • ½ C water
  • 6 teacups or ramekins


Line the inside of the containers with plastic wrap, leaving enough to cover the top.

Bring water and sugar to the boil in saucepan. Add fruit to syrup and bring back to the boil. Remove from the heat.

Strain fruit, reserve liquid. Cut bread to fit base, sides and lids of cups or ramekins. Dip into syrup until stained red right through.

Spoon fruit to fill each container and some liquid to moisten. Place lid on top of fruit and pull plastic wrap over the top to seal. Place on a tray in the fridge with a weight on top of each pudding (eg, a can of beans).

Leave overnight to chill. Serve with cream.

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