Spinach on Toast

7:00 am on 26 April 1919

Spinach on ToastClean and cook the spinach in the usual way, then chop finely, and keep as hot as possible. Cover squares of toast, nicely buttered, with the spinach, place small pieces of buttered toast on top. The dish is improved if two or three poached eggs are placed on tho top, and cream sauce poured round. To make the sauce, mix one tablespoon of flour, with a little cold milk, and add pepper and salt, boil a gill of milk, and add the flour, boil until thick, then stir in a gill of cream, but do not boil or it will curdle.

Source: Papers Past from The Kitchen: Observer, Volume XXXIX, Issue 34, 26 April 1919, Page 21

From Farthest Flung, Holding Tight

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