Rhubarb and Rice

7:00 am on 3 December 1897

Rhubarb and RiceNow one can have rhubarb and rice and rhubarb and rice. The sour, green, pulpy looking decoction that is often served up as stewed rhubarb is very terrible. Cut up 21bs of rhubarb in inch pieces or rather larger. Put it into a big bowl with Ilb sugar. Put some whole ginger with it, or a thin strip of lemon rind, and let it stand all night. Pour the syrup into an enamelled pan — if possible, for an iron pan spoils the taste of it — and boil for quarter of an hour or till you think it looks syrupy. Boil the lemon rind or ginger with it. Now put in the rhubarb, and stew slowly until it is clear (with the lid off from beginning to end). Let it get cold. Put a rather stiff border of boiled rice round a dish, and put the rhubarb [sic].

Source: Papers Past from Recipes: Clutha Leader, Volume XXIV, Issue 1222, 3 December 1897, Page 7

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