Rare Beef Salad with Soy-caramel Dressing & Crisp Shallots

11:30 am on 11 March 2013


  • 400g beef sirloin or left over roast beef / lamb
  • 4 peeled shallots
  • 300ml canola oil
  • 50g feta cheese
  • ½  telegraph cucumber
  • 1t  chopped Vietnamese mint
  • ½ bunch coriander leaves


  • 2T sugar
  • 1T soy sauce
  • 1T balsamic vinegar
  • 2T water
  • 1t fresh ginger peeled & sliced
  • 3T shallot oil


1. Roast, Fry or BBQ the sirloin, either whole or in steaks to rare then rest so the meat can relax.

2. Finely slice shallots into rings, from cold heat & fry in canola oil stirring continuously until the shallots are light brown, place on paper towel to cool & drain (save the oil)

3. Peel & slice cucumber into strips, then toss with Vietnamese mint.

4. Heat the sugar in a saucepan with a little water, when the sugar starts to lightly colour add the ginger & wait for the caramel to darken, then carefully add the soy, vinegar & oil off the heat, stir to dissolve the caramel & add water, check seasoning.

To serve

Slice the meat into thin strips, season & place on a plate or serving platter, sprinkle with feta & spoon over dressing, arrange cucumber, coriander & crisp shallots, then serve.