Prosciutto, Brac White Peaches, Almonds and Local Wild Thyme Honey

10:39 pm on 6 August 2007

Inspired for my recent trip to the island of Brac, the simple combination of textures and flavours are fantastic.

To be able to simply step outside my lodgings on the island and pick almonds and peaches ripened in the 40 degree sun was to take me back to a more simple uncomplicated time, before chefs become media darlings, loaded our shoulders with pressure and we put every conceivable flavour on the plate without even thinking of the outcome, just to be cool and new.

This simple dish has galvanised my thoughts about my food and life and after 30 some years of cooking I have now arrived at peace with myself and my love of cooking. Simple uncomplicated, fresh and with respect for the environment and the produce it gives me.

(Serves 6)


  • 32 raw green almonds
  • 3 ripe white peaches
  • 12 slices 3 year old prosciutto (farm cured and dried)
  • 6 teaspoons wild thyme honey


Pick the almonds from the tree, crack each one with the back of the fry pan or as I did a good size lump of Brac stone, ease out the almond and peel it carefully with a pairing knife.

For ripe almonds blanch the almond to remove the skin, this will take 10 seconds in boiling water.  Remove from the water, pinch the nut and the skin will come right off.

Pick your peaches and wipe gently with a damp paper towel.

To serve

Cut each peach into eight wedges. Arrange the peaches and prosciutto on the plates, scatter over the almonds and serve a spoon of honey on the side of each plate.

Peter's Notes

Almonds for this dish are best unripe green they have the most delicate and subtle flavour. Still better, the best way to eat this dish is to go to Brac.

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