11:30 am on 12 November 2012

These delicious little sandwiches of Spain are nothing like the sandwiches we know. Take good bread, a few delectable fillings and grill until crisp and slightly charred. Serve as a canapé with a glass of chilled Cava or crisp Fino sherry.


Photo: The Manhattan Food Project


  • 1 loaf of un-sliced fresh sourdough bread – with a firm but not too dense crumb (avoid breads that have numerous holes)
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt and freshly ground pepper
  • garlic
  • selection of fillings – e.g.
  • top quality anchovies such as Ortiz brand,
  • Serrano ham, Manchego cheese, thinly sliced, rind removed, truffle paste
  • tapenade, ripe tomato, basil leaves


Remove the crusts from the loaf and slice into thick 2 cm slices. Cut these into 2 cm strips and then into 5-6cm long fingers (what you should have is a baton with 4 equal sides).

Carefully slice part way through the finger down the length of one side. Fill with whichever filling you prefer

1. a sliver of anchovy

2. a smudge of truffle paste, a slice of Serrano ham and another of Manchego

3. tapenade and a slice of tomato, (garnish with basil)

Put some olive oil in a shallow dish and season well. Add a little crushed garlic.

Heat the flat side of a grill pate or a large heavy based frying pan until very hot.

Quickly dip the fingers in the oil turning to lightly coat each side.

Place on the hot plate and fry gently until golden and crisp (try and get some nice dark corners). Remove, drain briefly on paper towel and serve immediately while hot.


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