How to Dress a Ham

11:30 am on 16 December 2013


Get edge of skin layer slip fingers/thumb underneath, to help pull the skin and some of the fat off. Discard it and score the ham, a half to one centimetre deep in a criss-cross pattern.

Equal quantities of wild thyme honey and seeded whole grain mustard, about half a cup each. (can use any liquid honey) ... Rub it all over the ham and put it in a roasting tray. Put a couple of cups of apple cider in tray, cover with tinfoil and bake low heat .. 160 degrees for around an hour and a half with the foil on ...

Remove foil, raise heat to 180 degrees to golden up the top, and baste with juices.

The trick is to make sure it's consistently heated through. Push a knife into deepest part of the ham, hold it in there for 3 secs, and the knife should be hot to your lips.