Haloumi Fries

8:45 pm on 16 January 2014

(Serves two at most)


  • 1 block - 200g or so - of haloumi
  • 1/2 cup plain flour (I initially wanted to use polenta but I only had flour, so: flour)
  • plain oil, such as rice bran or grapeseed, for frying


Slice the haloumi into relatively even rectangles. I can't tell whether I like these better as slightly wider, flatter shapes or thinner, more french-fry esque, so tend to do a bit of both. Any bits that crumble or fall off can still be used as a mid-frying snack for yourself.

Heat up around an inch and a half of oil in a saucepan - really, that's all you need - using a little offcut of haloumi to work out when it's ready to go - put it in the pan and there should be rapid bubbles moving around it. Then eat that, of course. 

Place the flour on a plate and put about half the haloumi on it, turning over each slice to thoroughly coat it. Spoon each slice carefully into the pan – they might slowly float towards each other but they shouldn't stick or anything. Also I just used a regular metal serving spoon for this. Tongs might be easier but I didn't want to dent or break the cheese slices. Allow the oil to bubble away and turn the slices over after a minute or so, once they're golden brown on the underside (obviously you will have to check this, I don't expect you to just knowsomehow.) Remove with the spoon to a plate with a couple of pieces of paper towel on it, and continue with the rest of the halloumi. The second batch tends to cook a lot faster, because the oil has really hit its stride in terms of being blastingly hot.

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