Granny Barker's Trifle

11:30 am on 15 September 2014

This big rich trifle was a tradition decreed by my Grandmother, Constance Barker, and with help from my sisters Celia and Esther.

Fruitier preserves will go really well in this super rich and indulgent dessert. I suggest Morello Cherries, raspberries or perhaps blueberry with cranberries fruit preserve.

I always used to get up early on Boxing Day and sit in front of the fridge and polish it off before my sisters could!


Slice bought slab sponge (or homemade) into fingers. Lather raspberry fruit preserve onto 1-2 sides of each piece, placing them in your serving bowl as you go.

Pour liberal slurps of sherry over the jammy fingers. Rest the sponge with alcohol while the custard cools (as it is best not to pour on hot custard as it loses the alcohol with evaporation). Pour a generous amount of cooled homemade egg custard over the sponge (use a knife at intervals to part the sponge and let the custard reach the bottom of the bowl, top with more custard as necessary).

Spread with whipped cream decorate with blanched almonds, cherries and or berries (bananas also good) of your choice, finally grate or shave dark chocolate over the top and refrigerate overnight or at least half a day before required.

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