Crayfish Curry

12:00 am on 21 March 1899


Crayfish CurryOne boiled crayfish picked from the shell, half a pound of rice, one onion, half a carrot, one apple, juice of half a lemon, one dessertspoonful of curry powder, one teaspoonful of flour, half a pint of water, one ounce of butter or dripping.


Chop the onion and apple, fry them in the gutter, add the carrot (scraped fine), stir on the flour and curry powder, add the stock or water, and boil up for ten minutes. Put in the fish and let it heat through. Add the lemon juice just before serving. Boil the rice for fourteen minutes, and serve it as a border round the curry, ornamented with the claws and a dozen or so of boiled shrimps or prawns.

Source: Papers Past from Crayfish Curry: Bruce Herald, Volume XXX, Issue 3047, 21 March 1899, Page 3

From Farthest Flung, Holding Tight

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