Cook Islands Poke

11:45 am on 20 January 2019
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Maine Andrews was born on the island paradise of Aitutaki, Cook Islands, where recipes are handed down from generation to generation. Maine regularly hosts the Cook Islands health show on Auckland station Planet FM. She dropped by RNZ to shared some family recipes including RukauFish with coconut cream, and this Cook Islands poke.

POKE (over ripe banana dish)

4 cups(mug size)of cooked bananas
2 cups arrowroot starch
Coconut cream

Mix the two ingredients well together and put into a small size roast dish.
Sprinkle a bit of water on top to add some moist the poke.
Bake into the oven at 180c until the middle is transparent.

While the poke is cooking prepare the coconut cream by heating it in a pot slowly until this thickens.
When poke is cooked spoon into a bowl and top with coconut cream as you progress.
Poke will be a little sweet as per ripe bananas.


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