Chocolate Lollipops

11:30 am on 18 April 2011

Chocolate LollipopsLollipops are fun to make with children on a wet day or even at a birthday party. You can simply melt the chocolate without tempering. It will mean your lollipops will become streaky and dull over time but if they are going to be made and eaten on the same day, tempering the chocolate is not necessary. The lollipops can be made on a cool, dry, clean surface, or you can lay them on sheets of baking paper.


Fill a disposable plastic icing bag or air-tight sealable bag with chocolate calletts, fasten with a metal-free peg and melt in the microwave on medium in 1-minute bursts until the chocolate is melted. Give the bag a shake in-between bursts. Rub the bag gently once the chocolate has melted to mix it. Snip off a small corner of the bag and away you go!

Lay some lollipop sticks on the clean surface. Firstly, squeeze a blob of chocolate onto the stick to anchor it in the chocolate, and then make whatever shape you like.

Leave the lollipops to set — about 30 minutes — then lift them off the surface and gobble them up! Any chocolate that is left over can be kept for another time.


Fantasy Lollipops: line a shallow tray with hundreds and thousands, or chocolate hail, or rice bubbles. Repeat the steps above.

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