Chocolate and Muesli Florentines

11:30 am on 9 December 2013

This simple recipe using chocolate and my home made muesli will make 16 large 100mm Florentines. These should be as flat as possible and will turn out to be crisp and moreish.


  • 375g chocolate preferably dark
  • 250g muesli or dried fruit etc


Melt chocolate in microwave for 3 minutes on 50% power.

Remove from microwave and stir / temper chocolate to a smooth shiny mixture.

Add approx. 250g of muesli or dry ingredient to form a firm but moist and shiny mixture.

Line an oven tray with baking paper and you can circle the size of the Florentines in pencil on the underneath size as a guide if you wish.

Take a spoonful of the chocolate mixture and using the tip of the spoon drop the mixture into the centre of the circle. Gently using the tip of the spoon to flatten the mixture – tap – tap – tap until the mixture is as flat as you can get I – have fun and enjoy.

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