BBQ Masala Kahawai, with Naan Bread and Cucumber Yoghurt

3:10 pm on 10 March 2017

BBQ Masala Kahawai, with Naan Bread and Cucumber Yoghurt
By Shaun Clouston


•    1 kahawai around 800gm-1kg (bled, scaled and gutted)
•    200gm rice flour
•    4 Tbl flesh masala paste
•    2 Tbl flaked sea salt
•    2 naan bread *  
•    1 recipe cucumber yoghurt
•    2 limes
•    Canola oil for cooking


1.    Pre heat bbq flat top to a medium- high heat.
2.    Make 4 deep cuts along the sides of the fish and coat in the rice flour.
3.    Next rub the kahawai with the masala paste and sprinkle with salt
4.    Lightly oil the bbq plate and place the fish on the bbq.
5.    Reduce the heat a little and cook until the skin is crisp and is not sticking to the hot plate, (around 5-7 minutes) the skin colour should be dark but not black. TURN carefully using 2 spatulas.
6.    Once you have turned the fish cover with your bbq lid or a roasting pan upturned and cook for a further 5 minutes and add a little more oil if required.
7.    Lightly brush the naan bread with oil and grill on the bbq bars for 1-2 minutes aside.
8.    Carefully remove the fish from the bbq to a platter or large plate and serve with the grilled naan bread, cucumber yoghurt and some lime halves.
*naan bread can be found in the chilled area for breads at your local supermarket

Fresh Masala Paste


•    1 tsp garam masala
•    1 tsp cumin - ground
•    1 tsp coriander - ground
•    ½ tsp turmeric
•    1 tsp fresh minced garlic
•    1 tsp fresh minced ginger
•    1 hot green chilli - roughly chopped
•    2 lemons juiced
•    3Tblspn canola oil
•    4 Tbl fresh coriander - roughly chopped
•    2 Tbl flaked sea salt


Buzz all ingredients together in a small blender or a mortar and pestle.
Refrigerate in a glass jar with a lid, will last for 3 months.
*It is important to remember that this mix will stain plastics, so clean it quickly.

Cucumber yoghurt


•    ½ telegraph cucumber (very thinly sliced)
•    1 cup unsweetened yoghurt
•    4 fresh mint leaves - roughly torn
•    A few turns of some fresh milled black pepper


1.    For the strained yoghurt you will need approximately 1 ½ cups of unsweetened yoghurt and place in a fine sieve over a bowl and leave in the fridge overnight. This will result in 1 cup of very thick yogurt discard the clear juice in the bowl.
2.    Mix the cucumber and mint into the thickened yogurt, add a little black pepper and chill until required.


From Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan

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