Asian style prawns, baby cos tacos, toasted peanuts, lime and chilli

3:10 pm on 20 November 2015

Serves four.


  • 12x Baby cos leaves/cups
  • 480g Minced/chopped prawn
  • 2tsp Garlic
  • 2tsp ginger
  • 2tsp Galangal
  • 4tblsp Coriander chopped
  • 4tblsp Mint English chopped
  • 120g Cooked rice vermicelle
  • 80g Finely sliced cucumber (no seeds/skin)
  • 120g Nam jim drssing
  • 4 Lime wedges
  • 4 Generous pinches of micro coriander leaves (optional)
  • 20g Crispy shallots
  • 20g Toasted peanuts
  • 120g Avocado puree (optional)
  • 12 Edible flowers (optional)


Mince/chop the prawns.

Saute the chilli, garlic, galangal andginger and add the prawns. DO NOT OVER COOK. Remove from the heat as they turn colour.

Mix the prawns with the cooked rice noodles and cucumer. Add some of the nam jim dress and spoon into the baby cos leaves. Finish with chopped toasted peanuts, crispy shallots, coriander cress and edible flower.

Nam jim dressing

  • 25g Cloves garlic finely chopped
  • 60g Red chilli finely chopped seeds in!
  • 60g Fresh ginger finely chopped
  • 60g  Palm sugar
  • 3 Limes juiced and segmented (segments chopped)
  • 60g Fish sauce
  • 45g Rice wine vinegar
  • 45  Grape seed oil

Finely chop the chilli, garlic and ginger separately in the robot coupe.

Mix together in a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients.

Avocado puree.

  • 2 Avocado
  • ​2 Lime juice                           
  • 20g coriander                            
  • 2tblsp Green Tabasco
  • 20ml Olive oil
  • ½ tsp Salt                    

Before blending the avocado blend 2 cups of ice to ensure the machine is cold. Make sure the blender is dry before making puree. Adjust seasoning if required.

From Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan

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