Anthony Fomison's Quail dish

3:10 pm on 19 May 2017

Quail X 1 each


Quail Marinade:

20ml Olive oil

5 grams fresh Thyme

Zest of half a lemon


Place all ingredients in a bowl with quail, set aside in refrigerator for 2 hours minimum to marinade.


Celeriac Puree.


200 grams celeriac

50 grams white onion

5 grams roasted garlic

20 grams salted butter

50 ml vegetable stock

100 ml Cream

Salt and pepper


Boil celeriac and onion in salted water until soft, about 30 mins on high heat, drain water and place celeriac and onion into food processor, add garlic, stock, butter, cream, salt and pepper, blend until smooth and right consistency. Set aside. Alternatively too add another dimension of flavour you can smoke the celeriac if you have access to a smoker, or smoking chips.


Roasted Baby Vegetables.


80grams baby carrots

60 grams baby turnips

80 grams baby beetroot


Peel carrots and beetroot, Blanch all vegetables in salted boiling water until soft, do these separately as the beetroot will turn the other vegetables pink, when vegetables are soft place directly into ice cold water to stop the cooking process and to lock in flavour/ nutrients. Set aside


Broccolini and almonds.


Keep a small pot on the boil as this only need a quick blanch after the roast vegetables have come out of the oven

Trim stalk slightly, and rinse, then place into boiling water for 45secs, drain off water and place broccolini into a pan with butter, add almonds and cook for 45secs in pan.


Rosemary red wine jus.


200ml beef stock

60ml red wine

20grams fresh rosemary

50grams brown sugar

10 grams redcurrants

Place all ingredients into a pot and reduce by half, strain through a sieve to remove rosemary stalk etc, you should end up with a rich and vibrant sauce, set aside




Remove quail from bowl and place in centre of a hot pan with butter, cook each side for a minute, turn down heat taking care not to burn, using a tablespoon slowly baste the butter over the top of the quail, making sure to get in all the crevices of the quail, and on the back legs/wings etc. season with salt and pepper, place into preheated oven on a lined baking tray at 190 degrees for 20-25mins, juices should run clear when quail is cooked, place aside to rest for 5 mins covered.


While Quail is cooking in oven, place cooked baby vegetables in a bowl and toss with a little oil, then place on another lined baking tray and roast for 10-15 minutes, next heat celeriac puree and jus in small saucepan on a medium heat.




Place a dollop of puree to the left of plate and drag with a spoon into the centre, place baby roasted vegetables on top of puree, place blanched broccolini and almonds on top of roasted vegetables, place cooked quail on top of broccolini, garnish with a few fresh red currants, and some fresh thyme, spoon Jus over the top of quail. Enjoy!

From Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan

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