A Back Country Miscellany

Brian Turner, poet, activist and outdoorsman reads from his stunning book interweaving tales of fishing, friendship, and foolhardy adventures with breathtakingly beautiful poetry and disarmingly honest commentary on his fellow man.

Produced by Adam Macaulay and engineered by Marc Chesterman for Radio New Zealand.

Into the Wider World by Brian Turner

Published by Random House
ISBN: 9781869621421

Brain Turner Credit Grahame SydneyBrian Turner is one of this country's best known and best-loved poets and also one of its most determined conservationists. Brian Turner is a former Te Mata Poet Laureate and one of this country's best loved poets. An ardent and accomplished sportsman, conservationist and champion of our wild places, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Otago in 2011. He is the author of several books and lives in the Ida Valley.

Photograph by Grahame Sydney.