Be/Longing by Talking House Trust Collective

A verbatim drama based on stories of immigration, discovery, settling - and unsettling - in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Shows how Kiwi culture is seen through the eyes of others. Be/Longing examines - and invites you to consider - what it means to feel 'at home' and where you feel a sense of belonging. The play was created from dozens of hours of conversations with people who have come from all over the world - Argentina, Ukraine, India, Iraq, Brazil, China, Germany, England - or who were born here. In informal, filmed interviews, participants shared their stories of migration and their experiences of New Zealand life and culture. This material is vividly re-presented by the actors who replicate precisely the speakers' inflections and intonation.

Cast:  Stuart Young, Hialry Halba, Cindy Diver, Will Spicer, Alex Wilson, Karen Elliot, Julie Edwards, Anya Tate-Manning and Stephen Butterworth

Directed by Stuart Young and Hilary Halba, producer - Prue Langbein, recording engineer - Phil Benge

Be/Longing was recorded live at Bats Theatre as part of RNZ Drama’s Live on Stage, Now! initiative.