7 Dec 2023

10 life lessons you may have missed

4:50 pm on 28 December 2023

We all need good life hacks from time to time, so we've rounded up ten stories from RNZ that have proved popular this year.

From cheese storage, to sleeps, to charging the cell phone, here's to making your 2024 that little bit better.


Keep cheeses in the vege drawer

Pieces of cheese are best stored in baking paper and in your fridge's vegetable compartment, say brother and sister cheesemongers Sam and Ellie Studd.

Ellie and Sam Studd

Photo: Supplied


2 Yes, you still have to separate whites and brights

Don't take the risk of putting coloured clothes and light-coloured clothes together in the washing machine, says AUT chemistry lecturer Jack Chen.

Piles of clean laundry (Photo by Bjarte Rettedal / Image Source / Image Source via AFP)



When you're calling someone for work, don't ask if it's "a good time"

Most people feel overwhelmed a lot of the time so they're likely to answer 'no' to this question, says Mary Jane Copps (aka The Phone Lady).

A man in bed with mobile phone and worried look

Photo: Victoria Romulo / Unsplash


Don't charge your phone overnight

When you leave battery-powered devices plugged in and unattended for long periods, "things can go wrong", says battery expert Peter Simpson.

closeup phone charging white power bank portable devie

Photo: 123rf


Hot showers aren't good for your skin

While it can feel good to stand under hot water, it does strip your skin's oils and natural barriers, says dermatologist Dr Mark Abdelmalek.

Woman in shower

Photo: Hannah Xu for Unsplash


Have a hug and debrief with someone at the end of your day

There's great healing power in simple human connection, says trauma expert Bessel van der Kolk.

Two women hugging

Photo: Public domain


Embrace tofu

Soy protein is nutritionally so good and much cheaper than meat, says nutritionist Claire Turnbull.

A blue striped bowl containing a piece of tofu bathed in soy sauce with spring onion garnish

Photo: Sherman Kwan for Unsplash


Get outside for 30 minutes in the morning - no matter what weather

One of the best things we can do for our sleep cycle - and therefore mental health - is head outside for 30 minutes of daily daylight, says neurobiology researcher Anna Wirz-Justice.

 Anna Wirz-Justice. Photo:


9 Can't sleep? Do something boring

If you've been lying in bed for 20 minutes, get up and do something boring like folding laundry until you feel sleep pressure return. says sleep expert Dr Roxanne Prichard.

women folding laundry

Photo: Public domain

10 Pre-chill your chilly bin

The night before you go camping, pre-cool your chilly bin with ice or a frozen milk bottle full of water, says camping expert Jono Collins.

A chilly bin

Photo: Public domain

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