7 Jun 2020

Together at Home: Naomi Klein

4:00 pm on 7 June 2020

New Zealand is being encouraged to lead the world to a new way of living post-coronavirus.

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Naomi Klein Photo: Kourosh Keshiri

Award winning author Naomi Klein says New Zealand is offering a new, really important model and is in a moment when it has an outsize platform.

“We are looking to you, like it or not.”

Klein is also co-founder of The Leap, an organisation looking for bold ideas in confronting the crises of our time: climate change, racism and inequality.

She said it's easier to imagine change when everything has just been shaken up the way it has just been shaken up

Klein said the trillions of dollars being marshalled to stave off a post-Covid19 recession “is a moment where capitalism is breaking its own rules in broad daylight.”

“And whenever you have a moment like that, you have possibility. But it is a short window right before suddenly we're broke. Sorry, they can't pay for anything.”

Klein's concerned that Silicon Valley sees a future where we stay in our homes, getting everything delivered.

“I think their utopia is a dystopia that I worry about it being normalized. We need to hold on to how much we missed each other.”

Together at Home is a series of conversations held between Derek Handley from the Aera Foundation and a range of experts from around the world about how to cope in these strange times.




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