20 Dec 2017

Best features of 2017: Parenting

7:42 am on 30 December 2017

Anger, anxiety, discipline, disobedience, learning, love – the mixed bag that is parenting.

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Are we over-punishing our kids?

Rewards and punishments don't work, so adults and kids need to work together to solve behavioural problems, says psychologist Ross Greene.

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An angry child needs you to be calm

Children who react with escalating anger to discipline practices which are usually effective for other kids are having a hardwired fear-based response which is beyond their control, says education consultant Joseph Driessen.

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Tips for parenting a disobedient child

Children need limits and should not be top dog in the family, education consultant Joseph Driessen says. He gives practical tips for working with your child to break a cycle of disobedience.

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Breaking the worry cycle

Attempts to protect your kids from anxiety can end up making it worse, says psychotherapist Lynn Lyons. She talks to Jesse Mulligan about what actually works.

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Parenting an anxious teen

Now is not an easy time to be a teenager and those who have anxiety need help from their parents to manage it, parenting consultant Nathan Mikaere-Wallis says.

Ten things girls need most

One in five girls has a diagnosed anxiety disorder, according to Australian psychologist Steve Biddulph, who says girlhood has become more lonely, pressured and unkind.

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'Kids with interpersonal skills come from homes where there are rich conversations'

Explore, debate, play and don't focus on academic performance too early, says parenting consultant Nathan Mikaere-Wallis.

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Are We There Yet?

Katy Gosset explores the pleasures, pratfalls & practical lessons of parenting in the modern world.

A child plays with toys at a kindergarten or early childcare centre.

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Flying Solo

True stories of what it takes to raise children on your own in New Zealand.

Tamsyn and Ruby

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