27 Jul 2017

Share your memories of Lloyd Scott

7:37 pm on 4 August 2017
Lloyd Scott presenting Video Dispatch

Lloyd Scott presenting Video Dispatch Photo: NZ On Screen

Overnight host Lloyd Scott announced last month that he's leaving RNZ in August after a career spanning more than 53 years.

Music 101 will be hosting a Mixtape with him where he'll be sharing memories and choosing songs.

We'd love RNZ listeners to contribute by sharing their memories too. And we'd love you to do it via the new RNZ app VoxPop.

VoxPop is a smartphone app that lets you record yourself with the press of a button, then send that recording directly to RNZ.

Click here to get the Android version here.
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Lloyd admits that, while he's comfortable with his decision, he's got mixed feelings about leaving: “I’ve been in broadcasting [ever since] joining the old NZBC back in 1963.

"Sometimes I’m excited about the freedom I’ll have, but it’s tinged with feelings of loss as well."

You can also share your memories on Facebook or in the form below.


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