19 Jul 2016

Reboot Yourself!

From Widescreen, 4:16 pm on 19 July 2016
The new female Ghostbusters in a photo from the set of the new film

The distaff Ghostbusters have upset quite a few people Photo: Sony

With a new Ghostbusters and new Star Trek hitting cinemas (and new Terry Teo on demand), Dan Slevin discusses the phenomenon of the reboot with Jesse Mulligan on Afternoons.


Other notable reboots discussed

The Adventures of Tintin:


The Tomorrow People (2013):


The Tomorrow People (1973):

Yup, it really was that bad.


The reboot we all want, Blake’s 7:

All of the original Blake’s 7 is available for free on YouTube. Here’s season one, episode one.


And not mentioned in the segment (except via a mention of J.J. Abrams)...

Star Trek (2009):



Richard Swainson’s tepid review of the new Ghostbusters from Afternoons last Friday: