30 Mar 2016

Rancho Notorious 4/8: Batman v Superman v Darth Vader

From Widescreen, 1:01 pm on 30 March 2016

Kailey and Dan are joined via Skype from the Cayman Islands by our comic book cinematic universe expert Andy James, The three of them pick apart the new Batman v Superman film (spoilers!) and try to predict where this story is going in future films. Dan interviews Toni Bestard, co-director of the documentary I Am Your Father, about David Prowse, the actor who played Darth Vader.

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Show Notes

Andy’s last appearance on Rancho Notorious  (2/16 in May 2015).

Dan’s Hail, Caesar! review for RNZ Widescreen.

Dan’s Grimsby review.

And Dan’s 10 Cloverfield Lane review.

First look at the cast of Wonder Woman:


Ben Affleck as Superman in Hollywoodland:


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