8 Jun 2023

This Is Wheel Life | Trailer

From This Is Wheel Life with Soph & Indy, 12:00 pm on 8 June 2023

Series Classification: G (General Audiences) | Watch the series here

Coming to RNZ 19th June 2023 or find it @ TAHI.FM from 12th June 2023. 

As if navigating your 20’s isn’t hard enough, Sophia Malthus became a quadriplegic at age 19 after a horse riding accident. Finding carers to help her 24 hours a day is no easy task. Lucky for Soph, her broke cousin Indy was on the hunt for a job to pay the bills while she pursued a career in acting.

Indy pushes Soph in a wheelbarrow

Indy pushes Soph in a wheelbarrow Photo: Boxed Media Ltd. / Hunter Crouchley

As far as Soph and Indy are concerned, Soph’s disability doesn’t get in the way of a fulfilling life, it just keeps things interesting. However, it is undeniable that there are many challenges to living as a disabled person in a world made for the non-disabled. Accessibility is incredibly limiting not only in public spaces, but even in Soph’s own home. Navigating sex and relationships is a whole new ball game, and how does one even look after a body that is 87% paralysed?

Soph and Indy explore all of these topics and more as they meet with experts to find new ways to make the typical 20s a little more accessible for people like Soph.

This digital series is made by an award winning production team, including New Zealand’s Rachale Davies (Producer), Hunter Crouchley (Director of Photography) and Parehuia MacKay (Director).

Soph and Indy

Soph and Indy Photo: Boxed Media Ltd. / Kaelin Wade

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