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The Turning Point | Trailer

From The Turning Point, 1:23 pm on 21 November 2023

Series ClassificationG (General Audiences) | Watch the series here

Available from Sunday November 19, 2023 | Find it at www.rnz.co.nz/turning-point

The Turning Point follows a new generation of kaitiaki who value the wellbeing of their whenua. From north to south, they’re helping their communities protect and connect with Aotearoa’s natural environment despite the very real anxieties of the climate crisis.  They have only one thing on their minds: to make a difference!

Whether it’s learning new skills, monitoring rare birds, or trying to wipe out some hungry rodents, their work is filled with ups and downs, wins and losses – and we’ll be along for the ride.

A positive and cinematic series of portraits that give a glimpse into the lives of the passionate individuals behind Aotearoa’s conservation efforts.

Mandy putting seed trays out to germinate

Mandy putting seed trays out to germinate Photo: Ocular / Monique Thorp

NZ On Air

NZ On Air Photo: NZOA