4 Nov 2023

Long Read: The straight and narrow

From The Detail, 5:00 am on 4 November 2023

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A Clydesdale draws a plough. In the background, farmers on tractors pull ploughs behind them through yellow fields.

The aim is to keep the opposing furrows absolutely parallel so that, when they meet, they form one perfect furrow that zips the work together. A well-turned plot reflects the skill of the plougher—their ability to drive straight lines and maintain an even depth throughout. Photo: Ruth McDowall / NZ Geographic

This week, it's 'The straight and narrow', written by Bill Morris for New Zealand Geographic magazine's November-December issue.

Ploughing—the epitome of the colonial ‘civilising’ of land—is as fundamental to this country’s history as war and rugby. Perhaps it’s not surprising that we make a sport out of it.

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