1 Dec 2023

The Barber Shop Sessions | Episode 4: Harry

From The Barber Shop Sessions, 6:00 am on 1 December 2023

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Harry Muunu (Ngāti Rehia) is back in the barber shop to perform an original track written by his uncle, Taua Kemp, titled "He Waka Tūpuna," a waiata that celebrates the voyages of Aotearoa New Zealand’s ancestral canoes. Harry is a descendant of Mātaatua waka, to which he pays tribute in this performance.

“My connection to this song is through Mataatua, our ancestral canoe that now lays in Tākou.”

He shares close bonds with Chop the barber, also a descendant of Mātaatua waka and the Ngāti Rēhia people. Harry discusses what it’s like to hear waiata Māori being played on the radio and television.

"Well, to me, it makes me feel really excited when I hear Māori songs played on the radio, in films, and on all the television channels. What an exceptional, fantastic thing."

Harry in the zone

Harry in the zone Photo: Tai Huri Films / Ryan Alexander-Lloyd

Harry, a skilled musician,  performs a second original waiata, which talks about the winds that blow upon the mountain Te Ahirau, from within the boundaries of Ngāti Rēhia. It names the ancestral courtyards that are Whitiora and Hiruharama Hou marae and his sub-tribe, Ngāi Tawake.

“It speaks about love and peace. It's a joyful song, and it makes me feel joy to play this song.”

This waiata recalls the extensive reach of the Ngāti Rēhia domain, asserting their heritage and tribal connections, and, in doing so, promoting a Māori worldview. Harry’s performances have a groove and style which undoubtedly showcase his northern authenticity.

Harry and guitarist Darrah Rīhari-Cook

Harry and guitarist Darrah Rīhari-Cook Photo: Tai Huri Films / Claire Gordon

Harry Muunu

Harry Muunu Photo: Tai Huri Films / Claire Gordon

Te Māngai Pāho

Te Māngai Pāho Photo: Te Māngai Pāho