The Art of Entertaining - You're Invited!

From The Art of Entertaining, 5:00 am on 5 October 2022

Selecting your guests: variety is key! Perhaps sit your banker friend next to your poet friend? (We don't make the rules).

Three young women. the two hosts of the podcast, and their guest, an actor and comedian pose in front of a restaurant where they have been taking 'high tea'.

Maria Tanner (left) and Jaimee Poipoi (right) with actor and comedian, Sieni Leo’o Olo aka Bubbah Photo: Supplied

But how to handle 20 guests ? Who better to ask than actor and comedian, Bubbah, who once invited 200 (!!!) people to her house for a gig ?

Jaimee and Maria take high tea with Bubbah and get some tips on managing a crowd

A photo of the actor and comedian, Sieni Leo’o Olo, also known as Bubbah. She is eating a cracker and cheese with her little finger pointing upwards. The image is framed by 70s colouring and captioned "Yum!"

Special guest, actor and comedian, Sieni Leo’o Olo, aka Bubbah. Photo: Maria Tanner Jaimee Poipoi

With special guests Jacqueline Steincamp and Sieni Leo'o Olo aka Bubbah!

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The Art of Entertaining is produced and presented by Jaimee Poipoi and Maria Tanner.

Tim Watkin, Justin Gregory and Katy Gosset are the executive producers.

Blair Stagpoole is the producer and audio engineer.

Photo: RNZ