The Art of Entertaining! How did we get here?

From The Art of Entertaining, 5:00 am on 3 October 2022

Jaimee and Maria, two non-cooking millenials, have decided to plan and host the ultimate 1970s dinner party and make a podcast about it.

But they have so many questions...Velluto Rosso or an $11 goonsack? An after dinner mint or an after dinner vape?

Things sure have changed since the 70s man...they need help!  They need a guide.

Two young women pose with the author of Party Planning, a guide to entertaining. The author, Jacqueline Steincamp is holding up her book, published in 1973.  The image has been framed using 70s colouring and is captioned "The Art of Entertaining".

Jaimee and Maria with author of Party Planning and hostess extraordinaire, Jacqueline Steincamp. Photo: Supplied

The pair travel across New Zealand to track down Jacqueline Steincamp, the author of Party Planning, a 1973 how-to book on hosting dinner parties!

She shares her wisdom with Maria and Jaimee but will it be enough?

96 year old author Jacqueline Steincamp is interviewed by podcast host Maria Tanner.

Photo: Supplied

With special guest Jacqueline Steincamp.

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The Art of Entertaining is produced and presented by Jaimee Poipoi and Maria Tanner.

Tim Watkin, Justin Gregory and Katy Gosset are the executive producers.

Blair Stagpoole is the producer and audio engineer.

Photo: RNZ