10 May 2023

23 Anna Burns-Francis | The Right to Work

From re_covering, 10:08 am on 10 May 2023
Reverend Frank Ritchie interviewing Journalist Anna Burns-Francis

Reverend Frank Ritchie interviewing Journalist Anna Burns-Francis Photo: Stephanie Soh Lavemaau

When Anna Burns-Francis began her investigation into zero-hour contracts, she was gobsmacked. Fast-food giants had been hiring Kiwis without guaranteeing them any work, all while preventing them getting another job. 

Anna’s tenacious reporting exposed how greed was being prioritised at the expense of worker wellbeing, pressuring some of the world’s wealthiest corporations into changing their policies and setting the wheels in motion on a groundbreaking law change.

In this conversation with broadcaster and media chaplain Rev Frank Ritchie, Anna discusses taking on the big guns while at Campbell Live, the demands of being TVNZ’s US correspondent, and how approaching a story with curiosity can foster care for each other.


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