18 Apr 2023

20 Michael Morrah | The Heavy Toll of War

From re_covering, 10:58 am on 18 April 2023
Michael Morrah and Frank Ritchie in interview situation

Frank Ritchie interviewing Michael Morrah Photo: Erin Carpenter

When Michael Morrah was plunged into lawless South Sudan in 2017, evidence of brutality was everywhere – from filthy protection of civilian camps, to malnourished families, to child soldiers wielding assault rifles.

Spurred on by a desire to raise awareness of the scale of desolation and need in the wartorn nation, Morrah overcame danger and personal trauma to report on the plight of the people who lived there.

In this conversation with broadcaster and media chaplain Rev Frank Ritchie, Michael discusses his difficulties reintegrating to normal life after South Sudan, the elusive quest for work-life balance, and the changing culture of New Zealand’s newsrooms.


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