29 Aug 2017

Know your policy: Auckland

From Election17 - Policy Comparisons, 10:08 am on 29 August 2017

Love it or loathe it, Auckland is home to a third of the population and the flash-point for many of the biggest election issues - housing, poverty and transport. What do the parties plan to do there?

AUCKLAND - FEB 13 2017: Traffic jam in Auckland, New Zealand.

Photo: 123RF


  • Finalise the business plan this year for the $2.5 billion City Rail Link with Auckland Council
  • Fast-track the completion of the $1.85 billion East-West Connection Project
  • Complete the Western Ring Route by 2019
  • Build two new primary schools and 230 new classrooms in the next year
  • Invest $189 million in major redevelopments at Auckland's main hospitals
  • Build 34,000 houses in Auckland over the next ten years
  • Build a third rail track between Wiri and Westfield, and electrify the Papakura-to-Pukekohe line
  • Declare the $955 million Mill Road project as a State Highway, removing the responsibility from Auckland Council.


An artists' visualisation for Auckland Transport of light rail in Mt Roskill.

 An artists' visualisation of light rail in Mt Roskill Photo: Supplied / Auckland Transport

  • Remove the Auckland urban growth boundary and free up density controls
  • Fund new developments in Auckland through innovative infrastructure bonds
  • Improve transport and reduce congestion by committing funding for half the cost of a light rail line from Mt Roskill to the CBD
  • Build light rail from the CBD to Auckland airport 
  • Labour's Kiwibuild programme would build 50,000 affordable houses over 10 years for first home buyers in Auckland.
  • Build a new bus rapid transit line from Howick to the airport
  • Invest in more electric trains and build a third main trunk line urgently between Wiri and Papakura
  • Allow Auckland Council to collect a regional fuel tax to fund the investments

Green Party 

  • Fast-track the building of a new rail line to Auckland airport to be completed in 2021
  • Electrify rail between Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga to move freight safely off the road, and create a zero emissions freight service between those centres
  • Other aspects to be announced

New Zealand First

To be confirmed


no caption

Photo: RNZ

  • Free up enough land to build 600,000 more houses in Auckland
  • Abolish the Rural-Urban Boundary
  • Reclassify Countryside Living Zone and Mixed Rural Zone as residential
  • Replace the Resource Management Act with a planning law that requires councils to free up land as population increases
  • Fund the required infrastructure by sharing the GST on construction with councils
  • Encourage ride-sharing and car-sharing to further reduce congestion
  • Reduce or abandon petrol tax and introduce road pricing on new and existing roads, congestion charging, peak time charges and preferential lanes

Māori Party

  • Build a viable Pacific Cultural Centre in Auckland as an employment and economic development centre so Pacific social, cultural and economic efforts can be brought together, harnessed and strengthened

United Future

To be confirmed

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