22 May 2023

NZ Hip Hop Stand Up | Season 3 | Episode 7: Melodownz 'The Anthem'

From NZ Hip Hop Stand Up, 6:00 am on 22 May 2023

Avondale rapper Melodownz (aka Bronson Price) demonstrated his unique flow and ability to craft conscious lyrics in the 2017 track 'The Anthem'.

With 'The Anthem', a track that channels a personal loss, Melodownz introduced his own distinctive sound to the New Zealand hip-hop community and showcased his skills as a storyteller and lyricist.

As a teenager, Melodownz grew up navigating heavy experiences such as the loss of close friends. These experiences served as the catalyst for him to pursue his dream of being a rapper.

"Tomorrow is never promised. While we're here we just have to make the most of it," Melodownz says.

Singer Bailey Wiley provided the hook for 'The Anthem', recording her vocals in her nana's bed while everyone else in the house was asleep.

"I was literally singing into the microphone of the laptop," recalls Bailey, adding that while she initially wanted to re-record the vocals, Melodownz insisted that the original bedroom recording was 'perfect'.

MC Scribe praises the song's conscious lyrics and considers Melodownz "one of the best rappers to come out of New Zealand".

The video for 'The Anthem' was aimed at unifying the New Zealand hip-hop community, with appearances by rap duo Eno x Dirty, members of hip-hop collective SWIDT and many more.

The video captured two important elements of Melodownz's life - the people he grew up with and the hip-hop community.

In the 'The Anthem', Melodownz simultaneously represents Avondale and his Samoan heritage and pushes for positivity, says SPYCC from the group SWIDT.

"Once you listen to the song, you'll kind of get a gauge on who Melo is."

Melodownz's journey as an artist has not been easy, but his perseverance and eventual success on his own terms is an inspiration to aspiring rappers.

About the artists

Bronson Price aka Melodownz

Melodownz is a rapper hailing from West Auckland's Avondale. Known for his powerful storytelling and conscious lyrics, he has gained recognition as one of New Zealand's top rappers. In addition to music, Melodownz has expanded his creative output through his unique YouTube series, Kava Corner, where he shares kava and talanoa with famous New Zealanders.

Bailey Wiley

Bailey Wiley is an award-winning singer from Hāwera. Her rise to fame began with collaborations with local artists, including her feature on the song 'The Anthem' by rapper Melodownz. Since then Bailey's soulful vocals and captivating performances have earned her numerous accolades and recognition within the industry.

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