21 Dec 2023

Nau Mai Town Bonus episode - Raumati

From Nau Mai Town, 5:00 am on 21 December 2023

On the Kapiti Coast a small coastal town was given a name that conjures up images of beaches, surf and sand.

Back in 1911 the name came about thanks to a clever marketing plan and it worked.

Raumati is a town and is a translation of the Engish word 'Summer'

But Raumati was not the original name of the town, in fact there were two previous names that originated from a local stream and a coastal town in England. 

Justine Murray visits a few of the locals who are passionate about the town. The chair of the Raumati Community Board Bede Laracy point out that while the towns are minutes apart, Raumati South and Raumati Beach unique in their own way.

In this bonus episode of Nau Mai Town, Justine Murray joins Anthony Dreaver, Jackie Elliott, Sophie Handford and Bede Larracy.

Jackie Elliott, Bede Laracy and Sophie Handford.

Jackie Elliott, Bede Laracy and Sophie Handford agree that Raumati South has a very different vibe to Raumati Beach. Photo: Justine Murray

Anthony Dreaver

Anthony Dreaver, a retired high school teacher has written three books about the history of the Horowhenua. Photo: Justine Murray