Episode 2 I Sana

From Generation Next, 11:00 am on 30 September 2020

"I rang my mum and she told me, 'Look, Dad's been shot and he's in the hospital. You need to come'."

Sana Ditta lived through the challenges of the Canterbury earthquakes and the March 15 terror attack. The 22-year-old is a teacher in human and child welfare - passionate about children's rights, and always wanted to support young people who have experienced adversity. As a proud New Zealand born Indo-Fijian, being Muslim has shaped her worldview.

March 15 began as any other day for Sana - until the school she was teaching in went into lockdown, and it didn't feel like a drill.

This was the first time she has openly spoken about the Christchurch terror attacks and recalled the impact of that day on her family. She also addressed the nation's underbelly of racism and the importance of embracing cultures different to our own.

"We need to challenge our own beliefs and assumptions in order to make real change," she said.

Sana wants people to understand that diversity can enrich one's life and perspective, and believes no one should ever feel outcast or ashamed for claiming their cultural identity. She dreams of a future for Aotearoa where culture and ethnicity are celebrated. 

Generation Next is a video series profiling young New Zealanders talking about the issues they care about.